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IGEA Mares

Bellbottom Stardust


Beautiful Spotted Leopard Appaloosa mare

registered IGEA. 

Sire to Bellbottom Stardust



A small number of Breeders are

selectively utilizing small Gypsy Cobs

and Mini Gypsy Cobs, along with the

outside genetics of Mini and Pony Breeds to reduce size, in a planned transparent effort to create a true miniature size
Mini Gypsy Horse.  In respect, to the original creators of
the Foundation Gypsy Cobs and Mini Gypsy Cobs, in Ireland, United Kingdom and British Isles, the word “Horse” is used instead of “Cob”to aid in designating the difference by Breed
name.  More information available at:

Wyatt is a purebred gypsy stallion imported for LexLin gypsies in utero with his very young mother, Melanie at Bellbottom Farm, was told from the Tom Price herd. Interestingly, he joins The Executive here in the US, who also came from Vale of Glamorgan; but they do not seem to be closely related; how could we ignore Wyatt?  LexLin’s Sugar Plum was born in the UK in 2008; she is DNA verified daughter of PA’s Blue Horse and in 2010 produced this special little black colt with heavy feather, beard and big long mustache as a very young man still, no doubt inherited from his awesome great-grandfather, Bullseye.   Wyatt is a 12 hand tall gypsy cob with ALL of the traits you want to see in a good stallion; heavy feather, huge mustache, beard, double mane!  

PSSM 1 Negative

maggie mae12345.jpg
maggie mae picture papers1.jpg
Now 2 years old


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