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Mini Feathers Confetti King.

Standing at stud for the year 2022.  Live cover or Shipped semem.

Our Herd Stallion...
Mini Feathers Confetti King


43% Gypsy


Sire: IGEA/NSPPR   Bellbottom Tyke  37% Gypsy


Dam: IGEA Bellbottom Stardust  50% Gypsy


Standing 40" tall, AKA (Indy) has the dapple gray coloring with blanket and spots.  PLUS he has the feather.


 Bellbottom Tyke    

Indys Sire is a beautiful and correct IGEA/NSPPR black and white stallion.  He stands 35" tall and is 37% gyspy.


Bellbottom Stardust

IGEA mare, nice conformation and great coloring.  Leopard Appaloosa. Standing 39" tall.

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